Holding It All Together

Why do people think that just because I am single, I have to be loose, needy, and greedy? They see me and already labeled me and tried to take apart my life and put it back their own way so they can talk about me. 

Just because I am single that doesn't mean something is wrong with me. It doesn't mean that I have been hurt by a woman/man.  It doesn't mean that I am reckless and have no purpose.

I am single because I choose to be.  I have my will and I am determined to become a better me. There is only one person that rules my life and that is God. He is my Creator, my Designer, who spoke into existence the essence of me.

So I don't have to sleep around or run the street. I don't have to do people wrong; neither do I have to be on drugs. I understand that God has not taken away my freedom of choice and I have the power to choose right or to choose wrong.

I have my own. I'm not trying to borrow or use anyone else's stuff. My desire is to keep myself in check and focus on the things that I can and will achieve.

I am me and I have been given the ability to succeed.
Yes, I am single and holding it all together.